From My Front Door

14 images Created 29 Jan 2015

These pictures were made within walking distance of my home in Fayetteville, New York, a suburb of Syracuse. I imagine my neighborhood is similar to thousands of suburban neighborhoods around the world, so perhaps my meanderings will have some value for others.

I have always been drawn to places where the natural world intersects the manmade, and so the suburb is perfect for me. My wife and I also live across the street from a large state park, and so I have opportunity to walk through a natural area -- even if it is one defined and constricted by society.

I certainly enjoy the great national parks in the US, and take joy in the majesty of a sunrise. But it seems more important to me to find inspiration in a thin layer of snow over blacktop, a telephone pole, a wooden fence and some vinyl siding. Those are my surroundings and I insist on creating images of them that intrigue me.
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