Erie Canal

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In 2014 I decided to explore the Erie Canal Trail, a linear state park along the historic waterway. I chose, in keeping with the song, to walk “15 miles on the Erie Canal.” I was able to pick a roughly 15-mile section that runs between DeWitt and Canastota, near my home in Fayetteville.

The trail has been paved to resemble a road at the DeWitt end. In sections of Madison County, however, the trail dwindles to a pebbly path, just wide enough for one person to pass.

The Canal Trail is at times rustic and isolated. At other times it is busy and almost urban in feel, as bikers glide along the blacktop.

One day I spotted three Baltimore orioles, at different points along the trail. Geese were a constant presence, and sometimes threatening. The oddest natural encounter I had was when I noticed a fawn and a great blue heron within a couple of feet of each other.
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